bailly consulting PR and Marketing prepares strategic Press and Public Relations programs.

We believe that press coverage in the right media is necessary to improve the existing brand awareness and create the trail blazing hype for continued growth and success.

Having worked with and launched numerous brands (Acupuncture, Airbag, DOM Christian Koban, George Gina & Lucy, Gola, goyagoya, Hard Yakka, K-Swiss Classics, Pamela Henson, Playboy Hugh Hefner, Timbuk2, The SIMS 2?) in Germany over the past ten years, bailly consulting is able to use this experience to create a winning formula.

Thorough knowledge of the fashion and lifestyle industry and analysis of competitors? strategies are both key elements in this formula.

The key of importance is to create a cohesive brand image. The target should be a market sharp cut positioning.

The considered points to attain full success are the following:

Celebrity Product Placement
Fashion Editorial
Event Activity

bailly consulting has the necessary contacts, experience, expertise and resources to run a public relations strategy for his clients. However, we also recognise that each strategy is different and will therefore tailor it to the right markets at the right times for optimal results.

We are a public relations force in the industry that relies upon personal integrity, professionalism, service and hard work to ensure our clients? maximum success.

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